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Read the information below to find out what will happen if your vehicle fails it's MOT test. You can also find some helpful information about preparing your car for its vehicles MOT test - super!

Below we have very helpfully supplied some useful information for you about MOT testing at Vauxhall MOT, as well as information about how to book your MOT test in Vauxhall. We’ve also listed useful preparation checks for you to carry out on your vehicle before its MOT test at Vauxhall MOT – these simple checks can be carried out at home by you! You really don't have to be a mechanic, and it could make the world of difference to your MOT test results. Check it out and see for yourself...

Retest Information - What If Your Vehicle Fails Its MOT?

Should your vehicle fail its MOT test, you will be issued with a VT3O Certificate stating the reasons causing the car to fail. Make sure that you are clear about what rectification is required for a pass to be issued. In certain cases expert or special services may be required regarding emissions or welding issues. These repairs can be carried out by us and we will be more than happy to give you an accurate quote before the work commences to make sure you are totally happy.

If your vehicle is brought back to the MOT testing station before the end of the next working day on one or more of the following items then you will not be charged any additional fee.

Partial MOT Re-examination Items (no extra fee)

If your vehicle is brought back to the MOT testing station before the end of the next working day on or more of the following items then you will not be charged an additional fee.

  • Bonnet
  • Boot Lid
  • Brake Pedal Antislip
  • Direction Indicators
  • Doors
  • Dropsides
  • Fuel Filler Cap
  • Hazard Warning
  • Horn
  • Lamps
  • Loading Door
  • Mirrors
  • Rear Reflectors
  • Registration Plates
  • Seat Belts
  • Seats
  • Sharp Edges
  • Steering Wheel
  • Tailboard
  • Tailgate
  • Tow Bars
  • Tyres
  • VIN Number
  • Washers
  • Windscreen
  • Wipers
  • Wheels

If the vehicle is left at the MOT testing station for repairs and is retested before the end of 10 working days following the day of failure, then only a partial retest is needed for which no fee will be charged - hooray!

If the vehicle is removed from the testing station for repair and returned for retest within 10 working days following the day of failure, then only a partial retest is needed and a partial retest fee is charged.

In any other case a full re-examination is required and the full MOT test fee is charged.

How To Get A Free Retest

Your re-test will be free if the vehicle is left with CCM to repair and we perform a partial re-test within 10 working days of the original test.

So to recap - if you bring your car in to us for an MOT and it fails on item(s) that are not in the list above and you take the vehicle away and either fix it yourself or get another garage to fix it you will need to bring it back for a partial re-test within 10 working days to get the partial re-test fee which is half the full test fee.

If you bring it back outside of 10 working days then we will have to perform a complete MOT test and will charge the full MOT fee, this is because we are obliged to carry out a full test from scratch on your car or van.

If you leave your vehicle with us to repair and re-test within 10 working days then only a partial retest will be necessary and this will be free. A partial retest is where we examine only the items that you vehicle failed on during the full MOT test.

If your vehicle fails on the partial re-test then the vehicle will have to have a full MOT test when you bring it back again and the full current fee will be charged. Please understand that these charges and the application of them is governed by VOSA the vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

Book your MOT in Vauxhall vehicle test online or call 01293 871 430

As members of The Good Garage Scheme, and approved by the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency for MOT tests in the Vauxhall area, CCM Vauxhall provide superior service and MOT repair.

Book your Vauxhall MOT today easily online. Or email us with any questions or queries you have on Or you can call us to book any garage service, including your MOT in Vauxhall on 01293 871 430.

MOT Test Considerations

As everyone knows, prevention in better than cure - so take a look at these pre MOT test considerations and you can make sure your vehicle has the best chance of passing first time.

A vehicle that is in good condition, that has been regularly serviced and maintained to manufacturer's specification, should be able to pass the test. However it must be remembered that items can deteriorate between services and tests.

The condition of corrosion is not easily checked and is best left to be examined during the test.

Items which can be easily checked by the owner or driver such as lights, windscreen washers, wipers, horn, mirrors, seatbelts and tyres (including pressures) should be done so regularly and just prior to the test. It can be very frustrating to receive a failure for one empty washer bottle, a torn wiper blade and stop lamp bulb not working, not least illegal.

Get someone to stand outside the car while all lights front, rear and hazard are checked. Replace or repair if broken or faulty.

Ensure that the number plates and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate are clean and legible.

Remember to check indicators.

Check suspension by applying your weight to each corner of the car then release. The car should settle down quickly.

Check the operation of footbrakes and handbrakes. Also check Anti Lock breaking systems (ABS) light operation if fitted. Check that seatbelts operate correctly. The examination of the tyres does not include the spare. A tyre depth of 1.6mm is the legal minimum requirement. Check tyres are inflated making sure they are not damaged. Whilst the spare tyre is not part of the test it is to be advised that a correctly inflated and legal tyre should be carried.

Check the driver's view for damage to the windscreen. Testers will check that damage is no larger than 40mm in the whole of the swept area of the screen and that in the central view of the driver, called Zone A which is 290mm wide (within the swept area and centred on the steering wheel), any damage is no larger than 10mm wide.

To check the exhaust start the engine and from the rear of the vehicle listen for excessive noise which could indicate an exhaust leak. Emission checks are an important part of the test. Regular servicing should alleviate problems with emissions.

Check under the bonnet to ensure that the brake fluid reservoir, windscreen washer bottle and engine oil reserves are topped up correctly.

A general check around the vehicle should be made to ensure that the car's fuel cap is secure, mirrors are in good condition, wipers are not damaged, or split and locks work.

And finally... make sure you take your V5C Vehicle Registration Document and current MOT certificate to the test. The MOT Test is not a substitute for the servicing of a vehicle or a statement of the condition of a vehicle offered for sale.

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